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Wedding Planning Tip–It is no surprise that every couple planning their wedding is a little overwhelmed and stressed out with the consistent changes in state laws for legally hosting a wedding. Couples are now experiencing a range of emotions as the state is opening up and weddings are now allowed. I am hearing from couples who are planning their rescheduled weddings and couples planning for the first time are overwhelmed. Planning a wedding should be a joyous occasion. From years of experience in the wedding industry and planning my own wedding I am sharing some helpful tips on how to avoid the burn out.

Make a list then organize it in order of importance

Plan out what is the most important to you. This will help as you are taking the next steps with booking vendors and planning out your decor.

Only focus on one task at a time

Finding the perfect vendors might feel a little overwhelming, but look at one vendor group at a time. If photography is the most important (I may be a little biased here) work on finding your photographer first, then tackle the next big thing.

Take breaks – schedule days off from planning

Some couples feel planning is a breeze, and other couples feel this is a full time job. You wouldn’t want to work your day job every day, right? Taking days off from planning allows your life to not feel consumed with the wedding. Take at least one day off a week where you are focusing on other things. It may not seem like much, but trust me, it helps.

Be Organized

This seems like a no brainer, but let me explain. Every single one of your vendors will require a timeline. Being as detailed as you can will save you from answering questions later. Having a list of all your vendors information to share will also be helpful.

Hire a Planner

My best wedding planning tip — HIRE A PLANNER! I am so glad that I hired a wedding planner! With the scare of rain and some wedding day setbacks I was able to enjoy the morning of my wedding knowing my only responsibility was to get ready and saying I do. A wedding planner will handle all of the little things that may arise during your day. Your planner also handles getting information to all of your vendors! Trust me, on your wedding day you want to experience it in the moment and not handle all the details of the day. Are you looking for an Orange County wedding planner? Connect with one of my favorites, Alesha of De La Planning.

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Wedding Planning tip
Wedding Planning tip
Wedding Planning tip


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