Wedding Day Timeline – What to consider

Wedding day timeline can vary due to many different factors that can change the time frame you may need for wedding photography. If you haven’t already, download the free guide for wedding day timelines on our website! This guide gives an example for what an eight hour wedding day coverage could look like for a first look and without a first look.

One of the most frequent questions I get is “how many hours should we hire our photographer for.” Before deciding on your wedding day timeline, you first need to consider how many hours you have your vendors for, specially your photographer and videographer. This is a whole other blog post you can find here. Head on over to read more about how much time is needed for each part of your wedding day! It is a good question to be asking when considering your timeline.

Here are some things to consider when planning out your Wedding day timeline:

  • What is important? Make sure you allocate enough time to what is important.
  • Is there any part of the day you don’t want covered? If you aren’t doing a grand exit, you may not need the full reception covered. After an hour of dancing, guests tend to get a little messy. You may not want those memories.
  • How long is your wedding ceremony? Every wedding is different. We’ve done five minute ceremonies all the way to an hour and half.
  • How many guests? A large wedding may require more coverage time.
  • How many locations are there? Some weddings are all in one location. Others have multiple. We encourage our clients to aim for less locations as this can help save them time and money on their wedding day.

Typical photography coverage time is about eight hours. Keep in mind all of the special moments of the day that you want captured when planning out your timeline. Hiring a wedding planner is a great way to ensure you have the best timeline to maximize the time you have with your photographer.

If you have questions reach out! We are always happy to assist our couples with picking the amount of time that will serve them best!


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