How to choose your Wedding Party

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Things to consider when choosing your wedding party

Picking your wedding party is never easy. Planning your wedding day is already a lot of work. From picking the best venue down to picking all of your vendors it’s a lot especially to do on your own! Having a bridal party is such a good way to find the support you need. Choosing your bridal party is something that should be done thoughtfully. Here a few things to consider when picking your bridal party!

Consider the relationship

A bridal party member is considered a high honor. It’s the people you are choosing to be with you and support you through one of the biggest life decisions. You may already be thinking of a few people in your life as must haves for your wedding party! If so that is great. These are probably people you have invested time with. First consider the relationships you’ve cultivated over the years. Old friends that have remained your close friend or family members that you are close with.

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Are they Supportive?

Your bridal party should be there for you. This doesn’t mean that they will do everything for you, but they are there to support you! If you have a friend that is fun to be around but you can’t count on them, you may want to consider them as a wedding guest instead of apart of the bridal party.

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What size of wedding party do you want?

There is no correct answer here. There are however some things to consider. The larger the bridal party the more money and time it will cost you. Having a larger bridal party can mean you will have to add more time to your timeline with just about anything that includes them. I get asked all the time if the bridal party needs to have the same number on each side. The answer is no! That is totally up to you, there isn’t a set amount, or even rules.

Unpopular Opinion – When to consider no Wedding party

You may have too many friends making the decision difficult, or want to keep it simple. It might be a good idea to not have an official bridal party and spend more time with your guests! One way to include those close friends is by asking them all to wear the same color scheme, this way it identifies they are someone special.

Whether you chose a large bridal party or no bridal party at all, that decision is completely up to you! Don’t let what you find other brides doing on Pinterest make that decision. Just be sure to make sure to choose the people who are important to you!

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