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Here are some reason you may need to create a custom wedding email. Are you planning your wedding and feeling the overwhelm of constant emails? Maybe you are finding yourself planning your wedding 24/7 with no break.

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All your wedding documents in one place

Emailing multiple vendors means many emails, quotes and documents. Having one email separate from your personal can help elevate the stress of missing important wedding documents. It allows for you to connect with vendors without giving them too much information until you book with them. Another reason to have your wedding documents in one place is so that you and your fiancé can both access all the information easily, (no forwarding necessary)

Allows a separation from planning and personal life

Let’s be real for a minute. Planning a wedding can feel like a full time job. You have so many things to do on a daily basis and getting an email to your personal account can distract you. I fully believe that while planning a wedding you need breaks from it, you need time for your focus to be elsewhere. Creating a wedding email allows you to check it only when you have the time and gives you that separation when you need it.

After the wedding it can become a joint email for any emails that you and your spouse share.

This has to be my favorite reason. I’ve been married for over eight years and my husband and I both have a separate email account. So when I need him to get information I usually have to forward him the email or send him a screen shot. Having a joint email would be a great way for people to connect with us both. It would allow you to have all our bills and joint information in one spot. 

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