Date Nights Durning Quarantine

date nights

Our date nights have looked a little differently than usual, but surprisingly not too different. Right after getting married I thought date nights needed to be something extra. I thought we had to a sit down restaurant for dinner and followed it with a delicious dessert. After almost eight years of marriage our date nights have evolved to be whatever we need to do as long as we are together with quality time.

Current Date Nights

While I would love to opportunity to get dressed up and enjoy dinner in a restaurant we have found some great ways to still enjoy our very own version of date night that works for us. Most date nights now include some form of take out, usually Chick-fil-a or In-n-Out that we eat in the car. We usually include walking both dogs in the mix as well. We usually end the night with a low calorie Yasso Greek Yogurt bar. Mint chocolate chip is our favorite.

Ideas for Date Nights

Our date nights have mostly turned into date days at this point, but here are a list of date night ideas we’ve been working on that we have already used or will hopefully use for future date nights. Id love to hear your date night ideas!


Date nights at home

For us picnics often include take out by the beach. With the beach closures as of lately we have enjoyed our food outside on our balcony.

Game night

Date nights at home

Durning this extended stay at home order i’ve picked up the xbox remote to battle my husband in a few races. I quickly realized why I don’t play video games… I never win. I much prefer a game of Yahtzee or cards. Once this quarantine is over who is ready for a game night?!

Watch a new movie or tv show

We love ending our days with a new show. We love movies, but those require a little more time than we currently want to give to watching tv.

Beach walk

With the beaches just now opening up, this is a must do on our list. Hopefully we can get to enjoy a sunset walk on the beach soon!

Reorganize our home

This may not seem like a date idea. Most of our “date ideas” are probably not as exciting to some. We actually have found rearranging our living room to be a joy. It’s been fun making decisions on where things should be placed. I know it may sound a little crazy, but we’ve loved changing things up a little and making a more comfortable home. We recently tackled the garage, that was much bigger of a project and its still underworks!

Couples work out can be date nights!

We haven’t always loved working out together, and that would mostly be my lack of motivation. Now it’s a fun time spent together pushing each other to stay motivated. It may not sound fun for everyone, but its a great date night for us!

This shoot was taken last year and couldn’t have done it without these awesome people:

Couple:@supersusannn @digital_vs_film 
Styling: @pickardcreative
Coordinator: @Jessgcastillo
Makeup: @jennybouton
Clothing & Accessories: @somethingsnewoc
Videography: Tanner Grimshaw

May 21, 2020

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