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It all began in college

After two long years at a junior college I made a leap and applied to only one University. t’s a good thing I got accepted. It was summer 2008 I moved into my campus housing at Biola University. I moved in with a friend that I had already known for years. After finishing unpacking we headed to tour the campus. I remember so vividly as my friend was pointing out this guy we passed then saying ” I could see you going for that guy.” She pointed to this muscular long haired man with tattoos. I countered with a confused “really?”

Social mixer

That same night, after making a few new friends on my floor I was dragged out in basically my PJS to go to a mixer outside. It was for everyone who lived in the building. I am positive that the promise of root beer floats was the only reason I agreed. Thankfully I had made friends with an extroverted freshman who was eager to meet everyone. I remember she convinced me to walk around an introduce myself (along with her help) to every group of people huddled.

After feeling like we had exhausted our options for meeting new friends. I mean, how many people do you need to meet in one day? We stumbled upon a group of guys. There he was the long haired man, only this time he had crutches. By this time I had finally warmed up to the idea of making new friends. I don’t remember exactly how the exchange went, but I do remember asking how he had hurt himself (knowing hours earlier he was perfectly intact). We introduced ourselves and thats when I learned his name was Grant.

The wager

As time went on, the mixer had got moved upstairs to the common area. This common area had a tv some seating and a pool table . A group of us were playing pool, after a few games, everyone but Grant and myself left. We decided to make this game of pool a little more interesting with a wager (gambling of any sort was against our schools contract, so this made it all the more interesting). After I was quickly defeated I found out the wager I had agreed to (without knowing). It was to go on a date with the man my roommate was certain I would be interested in. One week later we went on our first date to the beach in San Clemente, and i’ve never looked back.

Our first photos

Here are some low quality photos of our first years dating prior to owning an iphone.

Twelve years later…

This year will mark eight years married and twelve years since our first date! Grant has always been such a strong support of me and my business. I am so grateful to call him my husband! I’ll share more of our story later.

May 14, 2020

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  1. […] Our date nights have looked a little differently than usual, but surprisingly not too different. Right after getting married I thought date nights needed to be something extra. I thought we had to a sit down restaurant for dinner and followed it with a delicious dessert. After almost eight years of marriage our date nights have evolved to be whatever we need to do as long as we are together with quality time. […]

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