Bridal Session – Why you should consider one

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What is a bridal session anyways?

If you haven’t heard of a bridal session, this is when a Bride takes the opportunity to be photographed before her wedding day. There are many reasons brides choose to this option. One of them being that it is a great way to save time on their wedding day. Also it gives more time with friends and family without sacrificing their bridal portraits. Here are a few reason why you should do a bridal session:

Save time on your wedding day for being with your guests

This is a big one, I am sure most brides will say they wish their wedding would have lasted longer… Im guilty of that one. Your wedding day passes by so quickly, and with all the added excitement and nerves you truly don’t get to appreciate everything you have worked so hard for. I didn’t even get a chance to say hello to all of my guests at my wedding and the day passed by so quickly. Consider what is most important to you and your fiance on your wedding day, this may help you decide whats right for you.

You can have two different wedding looks!

Bridal session

I love this idea. Let’s say you are getting married in the mountains, but dream of a beach wedding. You can opt for a bridal session with your groom at the beach. Now you get to have a stress free experience and a first look with your groom without the worry of guests seeing you.

Also, I should mention, it allows for the best possibly lighting. We will plan your bridal session to ensure you get the best lighting.

You don’t have to worry about the weather

Rain on a wedding day wont stop me from capturing your wedding or romantics, but it could limit us. Planning this additional session allows for some flexibility if the weather isn’t ideal as well as allowing for additional portraits of you and your fiance.

How to prep for your bridal session

If you are now considering a bridal session I suggest planning your hair and makeup trial on the same day. If you are doing a floral mock up, this would be a good time to get that as well. This way you can see all of your wedding details come together and see how everything will be photographed!

One of my favorite things about these types of sessions is they allow you to have photos printed to be viewed at your reception!

Laguna Beach bridal session

What if we can’t pull off a bridal session?

Not every couple is able to do this for many different reasons including budget, timeframe and availability. That is ok! If you are a bride who loves this idea, but can’t make it happen, consider adding extra time for you romantics on your wedding day! This will give you some of the benefits of a bridal session.


Reach out if you have questions or want to get started on planning your session!


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