Mission San Juan | Adam & Chrissy Engagement

After my first conversation with Chrissy, I knew I wanted to shoot her wedding. I love how she told the story of her and Adams relationship. She told me about how they met in eight grade, and how Adam doesn’t remember them meeting at that time. I love how she described her future husband. When I asked her to tell me about them, she didn’t hesitate to tell me about Adam. What I love most is that she brought up what everyone else thinks of Adam. She said “everyone loves Adam”. Chrissy began to tell me that Adam is her favorite person. I love that the choose the Mission San Juan for their engagement session!

Photographing couples in love brings me so much joy. For every couple it looks a little different. As I got to know both Adam and Chrissy at their session it was evident that they both loved each other so deeply.

February 19, 2020

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