Choosing your Engagement Session Location

One of the first things we discuss after booking is Choosing your engagement session location. I love when clients pick locations that fit their style and personalities. I know its not always easy knowing exactly what that location may be. For that reason, I send all my clients a location guide which helps with giving them ideas and guidance. However, I thought Id highlight some things to consider here.

Things to consider for your Engagement session location

When picking your engagement session location it’s important to think about what you can imagine looking at for years to come. For some couples it is easy, others have to take some time to evaluate what suits them best. Ive highlighted some main questions I ask couples.

Do you both prefer the beach or greenery?

While the beach and greenery isn’t your only option, it’s a great starting point. I have even had clients who want a little bit of both, either way its a good place to start when you are picking the perfect locations.

I think the best locations are the ones that are meaningful to the couple. For example, first date locations or a spot that is special to the the couple are great things to consider.

Do you prefer a laid back setting, rustic full of history, or something with a gorgeous view?

For my clients who want a gorgeous view, you can’t go wrong with Casa Romantica, this location has it all and we usually end up at the beach at the end!

For those seeking rustic full of history the Mission in San Juan never disappoints. It may not have an ocean view, but it is equally as romantic and classic.

For my clients looking to keep it laid back, I love wandering the San Juan Capistrano area or any Orange County beaches for a fun coastal feel.

Casa Romantica wedding venue
Casa Romanitca Cultural Center
Casa Romantica Engagement Session

You can view John & Meagan’s Engagement session here.

What season do you want your engagement session to take place in?

The importance of a location can be easily passed by, especially in Orange County where every month is beautiful. Not every couple has a preference, and sometimes thats a great way to enjoy the season you are in. If you really want vivid colors and beautiful flowers you may want to aim for spring. If you love cozying up the winter may be a perfect time to get cuddly and dress a little warmer.

Regardless of time of year its always a fun time. It’s important to think about what you are hoping for when you begin the planning process of your engagement session.

Casa Romantica Bridal Show

One of my favorite engagement session locations is Casa Romantica. This is a great time for me to announce this March they are holding a Bridal show! Im so excited to be photographing the event as well as having a booth! If you are engaged searching for your venue or wanting to meet some awesome vendors come by March 22, 2020 from 11-2. I will be raffling off a FREE engagement session ($400 value) and The Casa has graciously given me their venue free of charge for the lucky couple for the giveaway ($125 Value). In other words, Its a great way to get out on a Sunday, meet a few new people and possibly win a session with me!

I cant wait to see you all there!

Casa Romantica Engagement Session location
Best location for engagement session, Casa Romantica

You can view Alec & Sarah’s Engagement Session here.


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