Kauai Vacation 2019

Our Experience

I’ve had a desire to share a little more of my personal life. I never really knew what I could share other than photos of my dogs. My husband and I don’t travel often and we actually really enjoy being home. A few months ago some good friends asked us if we would want to join them on their Kauai vacation, and we couldn’t say no. Our friend Jordan set up for himself twelve trips in twelve months, and we were so excited to be apart of this one!

I had full intentions to document the trip fully, but didn’t feel inspired as I wanted to enjoy being on vacation for once. Thankfully our friend Jordan had us covered with well documenting our trip through his Iphone. I took a few of my own photos, but also wanted to take a step away from shooting and enjoy this experience. Here are some of my favorites from the trip!

There are chickens everywhere on the island, it was actually nice to wake up to the sound of the roosters.

We hiked here!

We hiked all the way up to this point! I would have never thought this would be something I’d willingly do! Im still so amazed that we made it to the top! We were all covered in mud from the rain, but it made the hike all the more fun!
This view at sunset was perfect! Although it did mean hiking almost 3 miles back in the dark, but well worth it!

Iphone shots

A special thanks to my friend Jordan for capturing over 800 iphone shots from the trip. I picked a couple out to share below! Im especially thankful for the waterfall photos, it was raining while we hiked down, and taking my camera out in the rain was not going to happen.

What I learned

Thanks for viewing our Kauai vacation! I learned that taking time off is needed. Not just time off at home, because even on my off days im still working. Time off outside of my normal routine was so good. I also learned next time extend the trip! We left friday and came home on Monday. The trip was wonderful, yet short! I would definitely want to go a few extra days next time! Also, going with your friends is the way to go!

November 27, 2019

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