Laguna Beach Proposal – Gary and Vindi

Gary & Vindi

I’m so glad I met Gary and Vindi  as they were vacationing here in California. Gary lives in Boston and Vindi lives in Canada.  These two have only been together a short time, but it’s evident how much they belong together. I had not met either one of them before Gary proposed, but sometimes that makes it much easier for me to hide in plain sight!

Gary wanted to propose at sunset, with an overlook of the ocean. This made Laguna Beach the perfect spot. Gary had enlisted some help of two dear friends, Alpana and Sunny. They were sweet enough to set up a picnic for them including balloons, flowers, and even cheesecake. It really is helpful having close friends nearby to make sure everything goes according to plan!


Gary & Vindi, I am moved by the love you two share! I wish you the best in Boston!


July 7, 2019

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