My Summer Must Haves


Awhile back on my instagram story I posted a poll to see if my followers would like to see my must have items. I was surprised to find out most people said yes. I am not a beauty blogger,  but I love seeing all the different products people use and love. It always gives me new ideas for new great products out there. These are some of  my summer must have items:

All you bleach blondes will thank me! Its a lot to maintain those blonde strands. Ive tried a few different shampoos, most ending in dry hair. Amika has been a huge help to keeping my hair as healthy as it can be and not brassy.  Good luck finding the full size product of this! Every time I look it seems its sold out. 

I love Klorane. It’s not the cheapest dry shampoo, but I love that it doesn’t leave my hair feeling dirty. I use less of this product than other dry shampoos. It works great even for freshly washed hair as well! It gives my fine hair a little more body!

 You may have seen me post about “Finish” from Beauty By GK. I love it for the smell alone. However after using it for the past couple months i’ve noticed a difference in my skin. Plus, it helps keep your makeup on all day, especially needed in these hot summer months. 

Being tan will never be a thing for me. I’ve finally embraced it. After already getting a sunburn this year, I was quickly reminded that being tan is not worth it. I recently began using Trader Joe’s zinc oxide sunscreen spray. I wasnt left with a sunscreen smell or that sticky feeling most sunscreens leave you with. 

My Ray Bans – I don’t leave the house with out them. It’s impossible for my light eyes to be in the sun.

I don’t think an explanation is needed for this one. 

I’ve mentioned before I try to use only cruelty free items.

All personal care products listed here are free of animal testing, and Farrah approved!


July 14, 2018

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