First look – Is it worth it or not?

I’ve recently been talking with brides helping them decide how much coverage they really need for their wedding day. One of the big decisions in regards to planning a wedding day timeline is whether or not they will be doing a first look. For those of you who aren’t familiar a first look is a time set aside prior to the ceremony for the bride and the groom to see each other. Usually this moment is done away from everyone else, or with a few close family or friends. 

Ive been wanting to write an unbiased blog post on “First Looks” so couples may be able to better identify what is best for them. 



– It allows for a more intimate moment between bride and groom without distractions

– You can control how much time you have for bridal portraits! (Often leads to more bridal portraits!)

– Less time after the wedding away from your guests, more time to party! You may actually get to attend cocktail hour!

– Helps with anxiety prior to walking down the isle. 





– Keeps your wedding traditional. 

– More time before your wedding ceremony to be with your bridal party and to get ready! 

– You can do a first look with your parents. This is popular with brides to do  a first look with dad. He cries, you cry, and I cry. It’s beautiful. 

– Your guests get to enjoy the sweet and emotional moment. 





This is a tough decision. My advice would be to decide whats most important to you. Talk with your photographer about your timeline. Whether you choose to do a first look or keep it traditional it’s still the most beautiful day! There is no right or wrong way to go about this. I personally  love when couples choose a first look because it allows more time for bridal portraits. Regardless of what you choose, consult your photographer to make sure you have enough time set aside in your wedding timeline for bridal portraits!

One of my favorite moments is when a bride and groom do a “first touch”. This looks different for each couple. It allows for the bride and groom to hold hands without seeing each other (usually behind a door, or even blind folded), it also allows for the couple to pray with one another or have a moment with each one another  prior to tying the knot. 

I choose a first look on my wedding day manly because I really didn’t want all the attention on seeing my groom for the first time all dressed up in front of everyone. I wanted a special moment between just the two of us. I am glad I went that route. It helped me to not be as nervous walking down the isle. Many may argue that it takes away from the emotion of the day, in my experience it doesn’t. Regardless of your decision, you will still experience a joyful emotion, and it will be beautiful. 

First look or not, try to enjoy the the first time you see each other on your wedding day. 



May 31, 2018

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