5 things to consider when searching for a photographer


If you are anything like me you may be mentally making a pros and cons list. You may also go back and forth about making different decisions. Sometimes decision making comes naturally… like choosing dessert. If you are wondering the answer is and always will be yes. 

Choosing a photographer isn’t always as quick as my decision for dessert, although some of these tips might be relatable. It takes time, and some research and thought. Sometimes I get too excited and make quick decisions. If you have related to any of the above, you may need a few little tips to help guide you when making this decision.

Do you find yourself enjoying photos that are more true to color, or dark and moody? Do you like open space or maybe downtown?  It’s important to know what it is you like before beginning a search for a photographer. 

Maybe you like a little bit of both. If so, you are in a great spot! You can choose your photographer based on these other options.

This is a tough one for many. How much are you wanting to spend on this experience? Each area has their own average price ranges. You may be asking around for a budget photographer. I would suggest that rather than seeking out a budget photographer you need to know the actual dollar amount you are willing to spend.

Consider this. Experienced photographers will charge more than photographers just starting out. You may be thinking of a specific photographer you would like, much to your dismay, that may be out of your budget. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask them if they offer mini sessions or if they are able to create a custom package to fit your needs.

This one comes down to what you want. Do you need someone to help guide you in making decisions, or do you know exactly what you want?

When reaching out to photographers make sure to tell them what it is that is important to you. This helps find the perfect fit. I know personally I have wonderful photographer friends who I would love to refer you to if I don’t think we are the best fit. Ideally it wouldn’t come to that, but I want to make sure I can serve each client well.

Set the expectations ahead of time. This allows for the best possible experience. 

Location considerations is one of the first questions I ask my potential clients before booking. I want to make sure what they hope for and expect I can make a reality.  I do most of my sessions in natural light. With the occasional in home lifestyle sessions. 

Often my clients have ideas in mind of scenery they would like but need help deciding. Think of the landscape you would like surrounding you at your session. 

While most photographers will wait until after booking to give you location suggestions, you can have a general idea of what it is you desire. 

Social media makes this easy. Check out perspective photographers’ websites, Instagrams and Facebook. Do you like what you see? Can you see yourself in one of their images?

If so, make sure to reach out to them. It’s not uncommon for clients to shop around a little bit before investing. I know I spend a good amount of time in the dessert isle of Trader Joe’s before making my choice. Ask my husband. 

If you are shopping around, know that each small business owner works hard to pay the bills. Consider being honest with them and if you choose to go another route, kindly let them know. It helps us to better serve our future clients.

I hope this helps point you in the right direction on how to best find the right fit for your needs, and gives you a few tips on how to go about the whole process!



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